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"Red the unraveled rose sings in your hair: Blood springs eternal if the heart be burning."

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"The people I’ve met who really inspire me are those who take the horrendous inequality of the world very seriously, but also have compassion for any number of problems. I wouldn’t even try to claim that I’ve made it to that level myself, but I think that’s the goal. You can’t even begin to trust people who say they are concerned with equality but act like assholes. In every basic way, compassion is just an enormous thing that has to cover the micro and the macro of your life. That sounds very new-age-y, but it’s a basic approach to life."
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Warring States Period Bronze Zoomorphic Figure
Origin: China
Circa: 475 BC to 221 BC

person: wow you drink so much water, you're so healthy!!
me: i cry so much i gotta stay hydrated
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Dial consisting of a disk engraved on both sides. The recto bears markings for the zodiac signs, months, and days. On it rotates a circle divided into 29 parts and carrying two indexes; on this circle is a small rotating disk fitted with a gnomon, a compass, and an index with the French inscription - Ligne de foy - [line of trust]. On this side the instrument could be used either as a sundial or a nocturnal. The verso carries the hour lines and a small tilting gnomon. There is a suspension ring. The inscriptions in French and the word - Pign - engraved on the index suggest the instrument was made by a craftsman named Pineau, on whom we have no information. Probable provenance: Medici collections


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  • The Arctic Ocean, Summer 2010
  • The Arctic Ocean, Winter 2012

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rly please think about whether something is actually heteronormative or whether straight people have just unjustly claimed ownership of it

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a crowning moment for me was once when i was out shopping and saw a dude wearing an ‘i like girls who like girls’ tshirt, so i glared at him and raised my eyebrow menacingly until he went bright red and covered his tshirt with a six pack of beer

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that moment when you realise you actually now have better eyebrows than those you once considered your eyebrow role models….. where do we go from here…

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